Tuesday, December 13, 2011

50-Word Poems - My first attempt

There are a lot of blogs of 50-word stories. I heart these so badly, but i'm going to try 50-word poems instead - poems are what i lean towards anyway. Would you like to try this? It might be fun to start a 50-word poem blog...if you're interested, let me know! This is my first attempt, just for fun!!

There are no vampire love letters

Inside his book is the
frail flower,
petals sheer from
hundreds of quiet years.
thrown to him
before her deathlessness.

Now sent back in a blank letter,
it rests in her
delicate hands.
She breathes deeply and,
with heavy heart
understands the message.

"you have left me.
All is lost."

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Beautiful Sunset - And a Show!

Last night this is what i saw outside of my house - lovely

This weekend I will be here: The Art of the Craft at the Reading Museum, Reading, PA. It's a wonderful show filled with wildly talented people - November 19 and 20, 2011

and i'm working on paintings of little birds...what are YOU working on? xo

What are you listening to: i'm listening to "I'm not In Love" by 10cc - yeah i said that. Reminds me of summers and warmth and no worries

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

We have a WINNER!!

Well, I am thrilled to announce that Jen Bigheart at "I Read Banned Books" has won my 5th Year Blogiversary Art Giveaway! Congrats to Jen and everyone please send some good thoughts her way - her family has been displaced right now due to the horrific fires in Texas.

And to everyone else that posted comments, first thank you so much for taking the time to do that - I'm so sorry your name wasn't chosen by my handy dandy Phillies' cap name-chooser, but I will definitely be doing more giveaways in the very near future so please, please try again! xo

Note to Jen: I know things are crazy and I'm hoping those fires will soon be gone, but when you are settled just send me your address when you can - no hurries!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Influence - Illustration Friday

Her art has influenced me many times.

I am celebrating my blog's 5th Year Anniversary and am giving away all kinds of art stuff - all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post HERE and in two weeks I'll randomly pick a winner! Also if you tell a friend and your friend wins, I'll send you something too! Here are the prizes...

My 5th Year Blog Anniversary Came and Went - Time for ART GIVEAWAYS!

What on earth have i been doing this summer??!!...my blog's FIFTH year anniversary came and went yesterday and I made NO notice of that whatsoever! I have been so neglectful as a bloggy parent that someone should call child-blog services...(thank you to Teena in Toronto for noticing!!)

Well, I'm going to have a giveaway anyway - Please leave a comment if you'd like to be involved and by Monday, September 5, 2011, I'll put your name in a hat, pick a name and send you all the stuff!! Also, tell your friends about my blog and if they win, I'll send you something too!!

Here's the stuff (in random order):
1 The Journey Oracle Coloring Book signed by me!
1 Print of Sister of the Moon - this image will be in my next Oracle Deck due for release in 2012
1 Print of the mascot for the Humane Society of Berks County - Spike and Friends
1 Original painting of a pumpkin, just because
1 box with a print of the painting called "Entangled" (image from The Journey Oracle Deck) on the lid and japanese rice paper on the sides
1 5x7 print of Marie Antoinette, "the Queen of Diamonds" (image from The Journey Oracle Deck)
1 Queen of Hearts bookmark (image from The Journey Oracle Deck)

Also I'm going to be in this very cool show - click HERE for my info about it - it's my fourth year and it keeps getting better: (plus this year I'm going to have new stuff like jewelry!!)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Original work from The Journey Oracle Deck - The Talisman - Card #30 - SOLD

Original artwork for sale from the Journey Oracle deck published by Schiffer Publishing. Click HERE to purchase! I'll be posting more originals on etsy as the weeks pass...(now Sold)

Monday, May 09, 2011

My New Coloring Book!

I now have in stock my coloring book and Journey oracle deck available HERE! It's so cool to open up a big box and see stacks of them on top of each other!! Things have quieted down a bit and now i can get back to making more illustrations for my next oracle deck (due December YIKES!!)....thanks for looking!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Work

My goodness it's been a while since my last post - sorry about that! i've finished my mermaid and her koi fish...am trying to get inspired lately and having a weeee bit of trouble...really could use a new good book...

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Amazon Restock!

yep, Amazon was temporarily out of my stuff but is back in gear, ready to ship my oracle deck and coloring book - YAY!!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Day of the Dead

If you were my facebook friend you would know that i have a flu of some kind and a fever...it's one of those kinds of flus that, with a lot of drugs, you can sit up and paint or type on facebook and blogspot. You would know all about this because i talk about how sick i am incessantly. It's what i do. don't judge...

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Illustration Friday - Swarm

I haven't done Illustration Friday in ages and it's a little late in the week but thought i'd throw this up...For the word of the week "Swarm" because her face is swarmed by stuff... the actual name will be Flora i think...not sure...

I think this needs a little more work and will probably work on it tomorrow...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Inked Up

Here are a few new inked up line drawings waiting for watercoloring...that's what i'm up to...What are YOU up to?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Advanced Copies of my Oracle Deck and Coloring Book

I couldn't be more pleased - they look awesome!!! If you'd like to order one or both, here is the Amazon.com link (but it is also available online at Barnes and Noble, Borders, and SchifferBooks- The Journey Oracle Deck and Coloring Book

Saturday, January 22, 2011


well, i love them...Icon paintings - paintings of Icons. Whatever. I love to combine flat space and high detail too. and i love to paint people - real people and pretend people. If i could only do that, i'd be happy forever...
This painting is 20x20" acrylic with metallic leaf on canvas. It will be in a show at the Banana Factory - an art facility in Bethlehem, PA. Sorry, their website is a little lame or i'd put a link... Dates of the exhibit are: Jan. 29-March 27. If you know me, you may recognize the face a little...

also i wanted to post this pic too because i think it's funny - yes that is Thom Yorke from Radiohead in this girl's photo - must have been a nice surprise when she looked at her pics from vacation!!