Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Soon Across the Hudson

For an Art of Jazz show - hopefully it gets in...
Acrylic on canvas - 16 x 20"

Update...i didn't get the painting in on time (drop off was Sunday Mar 1) - had the dates screwed up in my calendar...very disappointed because this is a great show and generally easy to get into...i am learning lessons, learning lessons...some times i feel like i'm back in middle school again...leaving homework at school, forgetting books for studying...

i'm going to reopen my etsy store and probably place it in there...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Illustration Friday - Instinct

As lovely as it is, not a whole lot goes on in a foxes mind...he relies mostly on...that's right - instinct.

about 5 x 7 - watercolor and ink

Early Blossoms

ok, yesterday morning the temperature was 50 degrees, by the afternoon/evening it was in the teens. Today it is 13 degrees. ah, global doesn't exist right? Except that icebergs the size of islands are vanishing along with it's furry inhabitants. What does this have to do with cherry blossoms? They are due to pop in April and yet here it is February and some are already peeking out...same as last November when it became unseasonably warm for a spell. I know there are flukes in climates and these things happen but this isn't the first year my tree has bloomed before it was supposed to. I truly wish it was just a fluke but, i don't know. My young garden maiden in the painting is perplexed as well.

not quite 5 x 7" - watercolor and ink

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Art Journal: I had a moment today. I pinpointed and defined an ache a melancholy that i always seem to get when watching anything to do with outer space - fictional or fact-based. It isn't an ache, it's a yearning! All this time it came across as a sadness to me, but it was desire. I yearn to be out there, to float like dust, to hear nothing and see everything.

Illustration Friday - TIME

Illustration Friday's theme this week is TIME. hmmmmm....yeah, i've been kind of painting about this in some form or other the last month...Time is running out? time is flying by? too quickly???

Friday, February 06, 2009


Everybody has them. Except for people on reality TV.

4.5 x 6.7" watercolor and ink on Medioevalis Fabriano paper

Monday, February 02, 2009

Death Becomes You

i looked at a photo of my old cat that is now buried under my cherry blossom tree. i wish he was back but that would be too Stephen King-ish. But since we're there, i'd like my grandmother back too.

Illustration Friday - FLAWED

When i saw IF's word of the week was "flawed" my first thought was of Frida. Her body was flawed from a horrible accident which caused her pain her entire life. She was unable to have a child which devastated her, and her marriage was a terribly flawed wreck. And yet in spite of all that, she really was "all that".