Friday, February 26, 2010

ACEO's (tiny paintings) up in my Etsy Shop! (sold - but there's more in my shop!)

I found an envelope with a bunch of ACEO (trading card sized) paintings that looked very lonely - so i put them in my etsy shop FOR CHEAP! Like practically FREE! haha! Well, some have sold already so don't get left behind! (How's that for tacky sales tactics?) here's a preview...and here's my etsy shop

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Angel

i made a similar angel to this one about 6 months ago. Although i liked the original a lot it didn't turn out the way i wanted, plus it had a few flaws that i didn't feel comfortable with when it came time to here's this one...and i like it.

oh yeah. and i love this song. and this band.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Queen of Diamonds...

i think Marie Antoinette must have had a portrait done of herself like every 3 months or so...there is so much reference for her it's crazy...anywayz i have been struggling with what to do for my last Queen (did spades, hearts, and clubs) and then my friend Duck made a necklace with Marie Antwan...and the giant swirl's something that happens when i get an's kind of she is...i referenced mostly her pose from one of her portraits - the face and outfit and just sort of happened...

i mean she was sort of a botch right? the whole let them eat cake stuff...she was kind of fabulous too i guess...and speaking of cake...painting that cake was a botch...