Saturday, March 07, 2009

Deepest Loss

Promise of Water

There before me are
the jutting black rocks.

You are beyond those rocks
beyond those trees.
you are beyond those waves, that horizon
on some island
and you are distracted by

i inhale a long
soupy breath.
there are voices in the distance;
there is some concern.
i will probably not move
from this spot
for a while.
without help.

at some point i will
look straight ahead,
but now only know the
saltiest tears.
they are like the waves
that break against the rocks
you hide behind.
they roll to the beach like they
roll down my face.
they are almost a

Many things were going on when i wrote this and painted her but i was also imagining Bella (from New Moon) lying down in the woods after being left behind.

In about a week i'll be offering 5 x 7" prints of this and other works of mine from my shop on I will post about this as soon as i have more information.


Debra Keirce said...

This is very melancholy, but very beautiful! You excel in making drama pretty!

orion713 said...

Your the supreme goddess. Yup. This piece is simply amazing. I LOVE it!

gianlucio said...

Hello, in Italy today is the feast of the woman, GREETINGS!

Denise Aumick said...

Yep, Supreme and Amazing! Water washes away the old, making way for the new.

Tracy said...

i love the poem. it is beautiful... and the illustration is good too...:)

Anonymous said...

This has to be one of my favourite paintings you've produced, Adrienne! And the poem is lovely! Absolutely gorgeous - I definitely want to know when those prints are upon your etsy store!

orion713 said...

I know...I already commented...but I keep coming back to this one Adri. It is the most beautiful thing I have seen since Flaming June. Your a beautiful soul my friend.

Anonymous said...

please please be sure to post when you have the 5x7s available. i think this is my favorite that you've posted! so beautiful...

Unknown said...

Adrienne, this is so beautiful! I just love the freshness of this painting. good job said...

deep, wide, rich & real.
you rock, my friend.

lauren gray | the haunted hollow tree said...

Hi Adrienne! I emailed you using the email address I found on your photobook widget at the bottom of your blog. I have a quick question for you, hope you don't mind!

Unknown said...

she's just stunning adrienne! your work is always so deep and thought-provoking and then you go and add the poem on top of it all. your talent is endless my dear friend :)

joseph's art and stuff said...

this is so beautiful, i'm either going to give-up drawing... or more inspired to get back to it! (you've given me the push to get back to work, thanks!)

Charles Goatley said...

Beautiful picture. I love the way you draw the hair on your paintings.

holly Friesen said...

Just discovered your blog and I love what you do, this poem and illustration speak beautifully together.