Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Click here to Place an Early Bird Bid! (scroll down to the bottom)

Where i have a studio in the goggleWorks(.org) we have a yearly auction. We have to donate a piece of artwork to the cause that will help to generate money to keep this wonderful art building up and running. This is the piece i've donated...it's a large work of one of my tree series called "Harvest" because as you can see it's ready to drop a lot of fruit...
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If you click on the link above it will take you to the page where all the artworks up for auction are listed - mine is all the way down at the bottom (alphabetically or did the save the best for last? haha! - ok, probably not but wishful thinking!). Anyway, this may be one way to help the art building stay alive and in the process get some good art cheap! All profits go directly to the Goggleworks - Thanks for looking and have a lovely day!


orion713 said...

Beautiful piece Adri! I love all the color!

Unknown said...

its gorgeous adrienne and sure to bring in big bucks for the goggleworks!