Tuesday, December 13, 2011

50-Word Poems - My first attempt

There are a lot of blogs of 50-word stories. I heart these so badly, but i'm going to try 50-word poems instead - poems are what i lean towards anyway. Would you like to try this? It might be fun to start a 50-word poem blog...if you're interested, let me know! This is my first attempt, just for fun!!

There are no vampire love letters

Inside his book is the
frail flower,
petals sheer from
hundreds of quiet years.
thrown to him
before her deathlessness.

Now sent back in a blank letter,
it rests in her
delicate hands.
She breathes deeply and,
with heavy heart
understands the message.

"you have left me.
All is lost."


audrey said...

Cool poem, Adrienne. I might like to try. I used to write a lot of poems, but got away from it. Does it have to be exactly 50 words?
Will you give topics or can it be anything?
♥ audrey

adrienne trafford said...

oooh Audrey all good questions!
ok, I'd like to keep it at 50 words - makes it more a challenge.
I think it would be a good idea to have a topic too - maybe one per week? and it doesn't always have to be my suggestion either...
this is in the baby stages, but don't you think this could be fun?

Debra Keirce said...

Adrienne, what's cool about this poem, is it is SO you! When I read the words, I visualize your art. You are so consistent with your art, your poetry, your music... love it!

Angela said...

I love that idea! Hey by the way, any chance I can buy some bookmarks off of you at the Christmas Eve service? My mom loved the ones I have of yours:)

Tami Cohen said...

YES!!!! why did it take me this long to peek? yes yes yes yes! when the kids are back in school, i'm like moving in