Thursday, October 16, 2008

New ladies

this is for a local restaurant called the Peanut Bar - i'm going to try to have six of these ladies by next Thursday - what do you think my odds are??? fingers crossed...

work in background - acrylic on canvas...20 x 20"



Anonymous said...

ok. i know this is far from finished. but i love it this way! keep a good photo of this, i'm not kidding, it's cooooool.

of course you'll finish! you are adrienne! xxx

Francesca said...

Wowee, love it! Tami's right too (when isn't she) it does look really good like this :)

Anonymous said...

Wow very creative. These are your original works right?

I like the one where the lady just flows with the red color. I wish I can see them for real. Love to actually feel the texture.