Friday, July 18, 2008

Taste of Art - Art for Sale (sold)

A fundraiser will be taking place at the Goggleworks (.org) where i have my studio - it's called A Taste of Art and it's happening there this Sunday, July 20. We were required to paint one 12 x 12" canvas and as many 8 x 8"'s as we wanted. A proceed of the sales will go to the Goggleworks to help keep that cool place running...

Big Farm - 12 x 12 - SOLD

and here are 8 x 8's
The Visitor - SOLD

Poppies - SOLD

Farms - SOLD


zime said...

I love all of them!! Good for you Adrienne!!!

Anonymous said...

loving the poppies lately. you rocketh out loud

Anonymous said...

and SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD! awesome!!!

Julie Fillo said...

Lovely new paintings Adrienne! I submitted your blog to my new addiction,