Monday, April 28, 2008

Spike in the Newspaper!!

what can i say but Mr. Spike has made it to the newspaper!


zime said...

Congrats!! He looks spectacular!!

Lowell said...

Congrats on the newspaper coverage. Your work is amazing. This was my first year being involved with the Art for Arf's Sake event and donated a sculpture to the auction. Your work has inspired me to try my hand at painting again. Your dedication to the humane society and your art is terrific.

adrienne trafford said...

thank you so much zime! your art is so whimsical it makes me happy just looking at it

and also thank you lowell for your nice comments and for your donation to the Humane Society! I'm hoping you start you very own art blog with paintings and sculpture so that i can see it too...please consider it!

Michelle said...

Adrienne - How COOL is that?!! You must have been so excited to see Spike on the cover.